Congress 2017

The Nordic Chess Federation held its biannual congress in Stockholm today. Among other things, it was decided to

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The Finnish Chess Federation invites players to the Nordic Chess Championships 2016. Tournaments are organized in co-operation with local chessclub Vammalan Shakkikerho (VammSK) and by Tammer-Shakki (TammerSh). See Invitation.


Nordic Senior Team competition 2016 has been canselled.


Nordic Chess Championships 2017

The Nordic Chess Championship 2017 vil be held i Växjö in June/July. Information.


The Nordic Chess Championship

The board of the Nordic Chess Federation has decided to give the right to organize the 2016 Nordic Chess Championships (in all three groups: the open, women and seniors) to the Finnish Chess Federation. The tournaments will be held in late October 2016 in Vuorihotelli, at Sastamala (50 km from Tampere/Tammerfors). Further details on the events will be presented by the organizer in due time.
There were also fine bids from Denmark (Nørresundby Skaklub and Aalborg Skakforening) and the Icelandic Chess Federation. The board decided in favour of the Finnish bid primarily because it covered all three events (the open, the womens and the seniors), thereby making it a chess festival.
For more information about the events, please contact the Finnish Chess Federation, c/o Jaakko Mäntyniemi ( or Marko Tauriainen (


Information on decisions at the 2015 Congress in Stavanger

The Nordic Chess Federation had its bi-annual congress in Stavanger on June 25, 2015. Please find  a brief Summary of the decisions at this meeting.


Information regarding the Nordic Chess Championship 2016

As previously announced, the Nordic Chess Federation has decided to move the Nordic Chess Championships (scheduled to take place in 2015) to 2016. Additional information on how to apply for the hosting of the championship tournaments (open, women and seniors) will be announced in the end of June (after a meeting in the NCF to be held in Stavanger).

On behalf of the Nordic Chess Federation, Johan Sigeman


The Nordic Chess Championship 2015(Open/Elite, Women and Seniors) will be moves to 2016.

The Board of the Nordic Chess Federation has decided to move the Nordic Chess Championships (scheduled to take place in 2015) to 2016. Further information and invitation to bids from organizers will be published in the spring 2015.


The Nordic Senior Team competition, scheduled to take place during the Tromsö OL, has been cancelled.


The Nordic Women Championship 2013 has been cancelled.

The Nordic Women Championship, which was supposed to be held in Reykjavik 17th-23rd September has been cancelled. The reason is lack of interest, but 20 days before the commencement of the tournament there were less than 10 players registrated and only two from other countries than Iceland.
The Icelandic Chess Federation apologizes for the inconvenience for those players already registered to take part.
The ICF has suggested that women chess in Nordic countries should specially be discussed at the Nordic Chess Federation board meeting in Köge Kyst in October.
Best regards, Gunnar Bjornsson, President of ICF

The Open Championship will be organized by Køge Kyst Alliancen, Denmark (most likely 11-20 October 2013). Contact person: Finn Stuhr (

The Women´s Championship will be organized in Reykjavik by the Icelandic Chess Federation (in April/May or September/October 2013). Contact person: Gunnar Björnsson (

The Senior´s Championship will be organized by Bornholms Skakklub (in September 2013). Contact person: Per Rasmussen (


Nordic Chess Championships 2013 in Karlstad cancelled

Unfortunately, the organizers of the Nordic Chess Championships 2013, Chess Club Gustaf Fröding and Hammarö SK (Karlstad) has recently decided that they are unable to host the events (scheduled to take place in January 2013).
The board of the Nordic Chess Federation will as soon as possible decide on new venues for the three championships.



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